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I Can't See My HUD When I Wear It


 I Can't See My HUD When I Wear It

Sometimes the position of the HUD on your screen is .. well.. off of the screen.  This is how you get it back.

  1. Wear some other HUD (anything at all) that you CAN see.  Let's call this one the visible HUD.
  2. Wear the HUD that is lost (off the screen) and the visible one.
  3. Right click the visible HUD and EDIT.
  4. Hover your cursor over the visible HUD.
  5. Hold down the ALT key
  6. Press and hold the LEFT mouse key on your visible HUD.
  7. While holding ALT and LEFT mouse button down... drag the mouse cursor DOWN (towards you).  This will zoom out the visible display.  When you see the lost HUD stop moving the mouse.  Release mouse button and the ALT key.
  8. LEFT click on the lost HUD.  You will see the positioning arrows appear.    Grab it and reposition it toward the center of the screen.
  9. Close the Edit window.


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