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B.C. Rich Goes Virtual

B.C. Rich Ltd. has partnered with and officially licensed OD Designs to create virtual reality instruments in the 3D virtual reality world "Second Life". SL is a global virtual reality universe where millions of people live, work, and play. Through this new partnership with OD Designs, SL residents will be able to own and play their dream guitar or bass. Virtual models include the Warlock, Mockingbird, Stealth, Draco, and more on the way.

The "high prim" 3D virtual versions of the instruments are highly detailed replicas and are created with the same painstaking care as their real-life counterparts. Second Life residents can choose between 3 sizes of instrument to better fit their avatar. The virtual guitars come with playable features, custom animations that let the avatar play the guitar with different movements and cool special effects like shooting lightning and flames from the headstock. Each guitar also come with a sound module that lets the avatar play hundreds of guitar riff sounds.

Second Life is full of live artists that play music at home and use internet radio technology to stream their music into virtual "land" where residents attend concerts of every type of music imaginable. Tribute bands create look alike bands and put on concerts. Anyone can be a rock star!

OD Designs is the largest builder of instruments in SL providing the most complete selection of guitars, basses, drums, and stage gear. Customer Service has been the flagship of OD Designs since its humble beginnings in early 2006. Avatars earn "OD points" and apply them to future purchases. Avatars can also get free replacements for lost items, buy gift cards for friends and order custom paint jobs. As RL players, the owners and builders at OD Designs know what it takes to build quality instruments both in Second Life and the Real World.

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B.C. Rich Draco    B.C. Rich Action    B.C. Rich Stage

Visit the Second Life Website: www.secondlife.com to install the Second Life program.

Visit OD Designs inside SL: Click Here