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OD>> Artist: Washburn J7 Burl

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Highly Detailed All Prim Construction
Built-in guitar stand when is rezzed on the ground
3 Sizes Included
Headstock Streamers (texturable)
Selectable Hardware: (Chrome/Black)
Selectable Pickups (Blk/Wht/Chrome)
Picture Gallery
Sound Riffs:  100+ for Electrics, 50+ for Acoustics, 50+ for Basses.
ZZTop and Body Orbit Spinning Effects
Customizable front and back carry positions
1-Prim temp rezzer.  Display a "temp" version of your guitar using only 1 prim
Exploding skulls, floating hearts, (user changeable)

This guitar is HUD Driven, it comes with OD's HUD Standard Controller. 25+ animations. Controls firebolt, Hearts, Exploding skulls. Advanced pyros, if present in the guitar may be controlled with the guitar pyro HUD (also included) or with a standalone guitar HUD such as the H2X or the H2. (each sold separately). Please note that control HUDs may contain buttons for controlling some features not present in this guitar. For a complete list of features and effects contained in this guitar, please consult details on this page.

Teleport to H2X Guitar HUD: secondlife://OD Designs/145/144/22
Teleport to H2B Bass HUD: secondlife://OD Designs/122/105/22

Custom Shop. Visit the Custom Shop at OD Designs to customize this instrument secondlife://OD Designs/119/128/22. At the Custom Shop you can customize many aspects of the instrument to your particular taste. Not all instruments are compatible with all of the areas in the custom shop. This instrument works with the following Custom Shop functions:

Headstock StreamersSelectable Bridge (Black/Chrome)Fingerboard Dots: Tint and Glow
Selectable Pickups (Black/White/Zebra/Chrome only)